Valentina has given Tomas one hella

Valentina Rossini aka Isabelli

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Valentina has given Tomas one hellava good blowjob and its no surprise when he sprays her face and chest with his hot jism. Kneeling in front of him she waits for him to clean her up which he does with a strong hot stream of amber piss. He washes her face and hoses off the cum dripping from her full golden breasts. Since she's swallowed a bit of his thick sticky white juice, he loads her mouth with the cleansing piss. Valentina gargles and swishes before spitting out, being sure to rinse out all the cum from her teeth and gums. Nature has its on call on Valentina when her pussy lets loose of a pulsating stream of her own piss that arcs through the air and splashed on the floor in front of her. Both are pissing away in unison and relieving pleasures.

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