Frontier Throat

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Samia Duarte

Noviembre 22, 2013
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Frontier Throat

Samia Duarte here portrays a Wild West woman protecting her barn from a pair of escaped convicts played by Sabby and Totti. She does this in the best way she knows how: first by threatening them with her shotgun (her nipples are noticeably rock-hard when she’s doing this) and then by putting aside her weapon and giving them head. After all, the guys were only trying to get some food, and they look pretty starved for female lips as well. Ironically, though, Samia’s the one who gets fed in these sexy blowjob pics as she simultaneously grants them plenty of cock sucking, cramming both of their dicks into her mouth whenever possible. She even gives them some deepthroat action before pulling out two big loads from their logs, and then kicking them out of her barn (literally, with her boot) at the point of her shotgun.

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