Making The Sauna Hotter!

Kathia Nobili

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Making The Sauna Hotter!

You’ll be glad you went to the sauna today when you enjoy the benefits of its healing warmth, not to mention some other benefits which you discover in this point-of-view encounter when you realize that your sauna mate is none other than Kathia Nobili!! How delighted she is to see a guy who’s clearly ready for some action, judging by the way she quickly turns around and lets you slide your fingers into her sopping pie. But what she wants most of all is to take that stiff dick of yours into her hands and place it into her mouth, sliding it across her tongue and down into the back of her throat so you can feel the incredible heat in THERE. The way she looks up at you as she blows says just how naughty she’s ready to become. “Stand over me, baby,” her eyes say, “be my master and let me please your cock like nobody’s ever pleased it before.” So you lift yourself up, even though your legs are a little wobbly from the heat, not to mention the blowjob pleasure, and you watch this oral doll work her magic on your meat until finally she pulls out a load that she loves so much she rolls it around on her tongue before finally swallowing it down!