Sniff And Worship Party!

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Danielle Maye and Teena Lipoldino

Octubre 02, 2012
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Sniff And Worship Party!

Teena Lipoldino and Danielle Maye have a passionate clinch in an elegant dining room and you get to watch! They wear black lace and cut-out teddies, patterned stockings, and elegant high heels. Kissing and licking each other through their lingerie, they get comfortable on the table. Danielle takes off Teena’s black-and-white court-style shoes, then sniffs them before inhaling the perfume of Teena’s nylon-clad feet. She joins Teena on the table and has her own shoes removed, so Teena can sniff them and then worship her stocking soles. The ladies lay in a foot-69 on the table, enjoying each other’s peds. Teena rubs her size 7.5 foot on Danielle’s bare crotch, then Danielle more aggressively sits up and takes Teena’s feet into her mouth.

With a switch of positions, Danielle is then licking Teena’s pussy and asshole in the doggie mode. Then she sits on Teena’s face while Teena plays with her own pussy and shows it to us. Soon a gigantic black dildo comes into play, and Danielle holds it against the table while Teena rubs it with her feet. Danielle sucks the rubber cock, as if pretending it’s the real thing while Teena holds it securely. Teena then sucks the toy for awhile as well, before licking Danielle’s size 9 foot while Danielle crams the dildo into Teena’s asshole. Danielle worships Teena’s feet at the same time she plunders her friend’s posterior with the toy, and the scene winds down with a view of the Lipoldino rosebud after all that tushy traffic! It looks well-traveled indeed.

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