Rewarded By His Boss

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Paige Turnah

Octubre 28, 2013
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Rewarded By His Boss

In her tight red dress and briefcase, Paige Turnah in today’s fantasy is the very image of the hard-driving modern businesswoman who will brook no incompetence in her underlings--unless, of course, they offer something to whet her palate in the realm of oral sex, for which she will submit to a moment of weakness. Case in point, her bumbling assistant Choky Ice, who earns her displeasure with his fumbling office manner--but instead of termination, is quickly rewarded with deepthroat, cock sucking, and balls licking as his steely employer shares the considerable skills of her mouth. Ms. Turnah takes off her specs to give Choky’s big dick the full treatment in these sexy blowjob pics, and she even gets her pussy licked a little into the bargain. Then, after he spews his load on her tongue, Ms. Turnah attempts to put him back to work as if the entire creamy incident never happened!

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