Banana Is An Aphrodisiac!

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Regina Moon

Mayo 12, 2008
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Banana Is An Aphrodisiac!

Dressed in sexy leopard print high heels and bustier Regina Moon is getting down to some hardcore foot fun with Lauro and a banana! She comes over just to kick it, but Lauro can't help but to be overcome by her super long, slim and flexible legs.

The banana comes into play because Regina was hungry, and needed her potassium to keep her jaw from being cramped from all the blowing she's going to do, but not before her beaver gets a tongue bath from enthralled Lauro. She decides to rub the banana all over her shoes and body for a little flavoring and it proves to be a great aphrodisiac as son she is not only having her heels pumped , but also her juicy banana pie! Enjoy the great views of this perfectly fit honey getting her twat rammed, it's an incredibly delightful sight!

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